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North Texas DAMA

Chapter Meeting – May 19, 2017 (1-4 PM)
Lunch Starts at Noon


IBM Innovation Center
1177 South Beltline Rd
Coppell, TX 75019
(972) 906-3746



Welcome (15 minutes)

Session 1 (50 minutes): Considerations when working with IoT/Time Series oriented data


Alexander "Sasha" Sicular, Senior Solution Architect, Basho Technologies

Session Abstract

Big data is everywhere but not all big data is created equal. Let's explore time series data, the kind often generated by IoT devices, and the unique technical and policy challenge it represents. This talk will be broad based and introduce architectures, products and policy concepts appropriate when dealing with the unique demands posed by this type of data.

Speaker BIO

With over 16 years of experience in medical informatics at Columbia University, Alexander has worked to design and develop clinical information systems used to exceed challenges posed by regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, data quality and research. At Basho, Alexander works closely with customers who are looking to augment their traditional stack or build greenfield applications on Riak.

Session 2 (50 minutes):  Graph Technologies


Priya Sudararaman, Senior Data Scientist, State Farm Insurance

Session Abstract

Session will include Graph Theory basics, applications, and graph databases along with some industry applications.

Speaker BIO

Priya Sudararaman joined State Farm (SF) as a Senior Data Scientist in February, 2015. In the past year, she has worked on multiple data science projects spanning a wide gamut of domains, techniques, and technologies. She has worked in the areas of home telematics, network and internet security, claims image analysis, legal data analysis, auto telematics, etc. She has used graph theory, recommender systems, classification models, computer vision, neural networks and deep learning, text analytics, etc. Her tool chest include Hadoop, Spark, GraphX, OpenCV, Scala, SciPy/NumPy, and R.

Priya loves to seek out new challenges. What's most fulfilling to her in the Data Science role in SF is the opportunity to see her work benefitting the company and our customers.

Prior to State Farm, Priya has worked at blue chip companies like JCPenney and Dow Jones. She's also worked in startups by founding their engineering teams. Priya has an undergrad engineering degree in Computer Science and a masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.

Session 3 (50 minutes):  Turning short-term Big Data wins into sustainable business value


 Derek J Strauss, Chairman & CEO - Gavroshe USA, Inc.

Session Abstract

The world of Big Data is right now in a danger zone. There are many technological silver bullets falling out of the sky for us to try out, and it is an exciting time indeed. However, for us to achieve sustainable business value with these technologies we must ensure we are giving due attention to building and maturing our Data & Analytics capabilities. What is needed is an Integrated Capability Framework, bringing together People, Process, Architecture and Technology, and embracing an end-to-end vision for Data & Analytics. Gaps in this Framework, if left unattended, will certainly undermine our ability to derive ongoing value from our Big Data investments.

Speaker BIO

Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant of Gavroshe. Former Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade for approximately 5 years; was responsible for Data Governance, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Data Architecture & Management, and Development and Maintenance of Enterprise-class Data Assets. A career of over 3 decades, mainly in the Data Management and Information Resource Management (IRM) fields.  Established Office of the CDO, Data Resource Management, Architecture and IRM Functions in multiple large Corporations.  Established and managed numerous enterprise programs and initiatives in the domains of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Quality Improvement and IRM. Bill Inmon’s Corporate Information Factory and John Zachman’s Enterprise Architecture Framework have been the foundational cornerstones of the above work. Served as VP Programs for DAMA SW Ohio. Active member of MIT's Chief Data Officer Roundtable and Forum, and Founding Member of the International Society of Chief Data Officers. Co-authored "DW 2.0: The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing" Inmon, Strauss and Neushloss (Book published 2008 by Morgan Kaufman, Series in Data Management Systems).

Wrap-up and Social

Take the opportunity to socialize with your peers. Please contact. if you have any questions.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Kevin Ladwig at or 972.978.4565.

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